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Here at Local Junk Services, we help get your junk professionally removed and hauled away. Get rid of your unwanted items without having to pile it up or even having to haul it outside; the junk removal team will get the process started for you. Let us connect you to a local junk removal company that offers full service junk removal near you. Simply point to what you want us to remove and they will take it. Whether you have a home or business, our expert junk hauling partner team can handle it. They will haul just about everything aside from toxic hazardous material or items requiring a cane. They put integrity and honesty into our hard work and into the services that the junk removal team offer. Additionally, the junk removal team can connect you with professional junk removal companies nationwide, in cities including: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Reach out today and the junk removal team are more than happy to connect you to a friendly junk removal technician.

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Residential Junk Removal Services Near Me

Our junk removal services partners are great for homeowners and landowners. If you are planning a trip or moving to another city or state, they can help you get rid of the junk or garbage in your home. They can help with single items or full-blown cleanouts such as attics, basements, and storage units. Additionally, they also specialize in decluttering. They offer a wide-variety of residential junk removal services near you such as appliance removal, furniture removal, and mattresses. Our mission is to help you on the journey to getting your home looking fresh and clean and ready for selling if needed. The junk removal team believe you deserve a home that is not only clean but comfortable and healthy to live in as the junk removal team. Have our highly experienced partner team at Local Junk Services come to you and get rid of the junk and debris trapped in your home today.


If you need old furniture waste removal services near you, it must encompass all types of furniture that may be taking up unwanted space in your home or office. Whether you’ve been wanting to get rid of the old,dusty, and rotting furniture that’s been lying around in your property or have it hidden away in your backyard or storage space, the referred team can have the manpower and efficiency to get it removed. It can be a task to break down furniture and find a place to dispose of it; and nine out of ten times it’s quite heavy to haul. Your city may not even allow for furniture being left out or may refuse to pick it up. Local Junk Services can connect you with someone who can come to your property and get rid of any form of furniture you have. This includes your couches/sofas, mattresses, loveseats, cabinets, tables, pool tables, filing cabinets, medicine cabinets, gaming tables, bunk beds, bar stools, coffee tables, book cases, office cubicles, desks, chairs, nightstands, dresses, armoires, reclines, and more.


As mentioned before, here at Local Junk Services, the junk removal team will help you get the process started hauling away old junk. If you are sick and tired of living a life with unwanted junk in your home or even dealing with some clutter, trust Local Junk Services to connect you with someone who can remove your old appliance. Whether your appliances are in good condition or not, just let the junk removal specialist know where they are located and the junk removal team will haul them away. Appliance removals include air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines and dryers, lawnmowers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, trash compactors, microwaves, stoves, ovens, hot tubs, and more. These are items that eventually fail/break down or simply become old and obsolete. Whether you are looking for a new appliance or want to get rid of your old one, the junk removal teamre here to help you find a junk hauler near you today. 

Old Mattress Removal Services

At the end of the day you end up sleeping. When you have trouble sleeping from an old or worn out mattress, it can cause severe health issues(back pain especially) and if left untreated, you may have trouble functioning during the day from lack of sleep. Whether you are ready to switch out and get a new mattress or have old mattresses hidden away in your storage space, attic, or basement, our partner team can help. Unfortunately, donating a mattress is not a viable option for sanitary reasons and taking it to your local waste company might be costly and time consuming. Simply allow us to connect you with a junk removal technician to dispose of your mattress for you! You won’t have to worry about where it is going or how it will get there, the junk removal team will provide a safe mattress disposal service for your unwanted mattresses. The junk removal team know of a great team of strong individuals near you who will do all the heavy lifting for you. 


Here at Local Junk Services, the junk removal team can connect you with a service that provides storage unit clean outs for clients anyday. Paying for a storage space each month is a pain altogether, so why settle for an unreliable and expensive junk removal service to begin with? Hire a junk removal service near me for your junk removal and garbage removal needs. You won’t need to worry about loading, hauling, sorting, or any labor. Just point to what you want to remove and our referred junk removal team will get it all taken care of.  


The junk removal team will help you find great rental property and apartment unit cleanout services. Local junk removal companies work with all types of rental homes including vacation properties, and other leased properties. Many tenants occupy these spaces and treat them as their home, however, when they have vacated it can be stressful for property managers to deal with. Additionally, when you are left having to clean out an apartment unit, you are typicallyy faced with carrying heavy items down a flight of stairs and even through hallways. Junk removal services, such as those referred by Local Junk Services, come in handy for situations such as these to dispose of all kinds of junk including furniture, debris, old appliances, and more.

Lastly, the junk removal team can help you get your estate cleanout taken care of as the junk removal team Unfortunately, estates typicallyy need to be cleaned out after a loss and it can be an incredibly tough time and situation. The respectful and honest men and women at a junk removal company near you are there to help you. They take pride in respect, integrity, and honesty all throughout. They will arrive on time and you can simply assist us where to go and what items need to be taken away. They can recycle, donate, or completely get rid of any of your items.


While your home or business may look great on the inside, your yard may be neglected in some areas. The junk removal team understand you want to keep your yard looking great each year throughout the seasons, however it can be hard to keep up with overtime. Yards take a ton of cleaning and involve a lot of yard waste and debris. There may be unwanted items leftover from get-togethers, barbecues, and parties. When the fun is all done and over with, you may be left with a cluttered yard. Have a beautiful curb appeal and an amazing back yard when you hire a local junk removal service to remove all of that yard waste for you. While hiring a random guy you hardly know to show up with his truck may seem like a good idea, you’re probably saving more time and money when you call upon a local, and trusted junk removal experts in the area. 

Commercial Junk Removal in Texas

Not only can the junk removal team helps you with junk hauling and removal for residential properties, the junk removal team can also assist commercial businesses. No matter what type of business you may own or have, you can’t deny that somewhere in your office or space there lies old furniture, equipment, or even trash. The accumulation of unwanted items continues to pile up and you have no idea what to do with it. You may consider recycling it on your own or selling it, however, you know that may take time and you’re also unsure who to call. Leave it up to the experts at a junk removal company near me. They will ensure that the junk removal team get rid of your unwanted junk and garbage and take them to a recycling center or landfill. Don’t worry about making arrangements with an unreliable company, just give reach out and the junk removal team will put you in touch with a local junk removal service! They remove office chairs, office computers, desks, e-waste, electronics, office cubicles, bookcases, recycling bins, office lighting, wastebaskets, and more.


Although there are many businesses out there that specialize in construction cleanup, they can be fairly expensive with ridiculous pricing. Prices can be costly for minimal jobs. Luckily, there are some junk removal services that provide construction site cleanups for an affordable rate. Whether you are done with a remodeling job, or if you are a general contractor and need your home or business clear of construction debris, the junk removal team can help you find a great service! Don’t waste time researching construction site cleanup businesses when the junk removal team can find a company that offers full service site clean ups for you!

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